Message from Craig Venter

Six years ago, Johan Klein and I pioneered the establishment of the Altech Academy with the intention of developing and fostering the vast pool of talent within Altech in order to support our strategy of becoming the leading Telecommunications, Multi-media and Information Technology (TMT) provider. Aligned to this was our aim to retain our most valuable asset, our people, by providing them with the opportunity to further their education and careers through the Altech Academy.


Developing the skills of employees through continuous education is one of the most important organisational strategic goals of any company that wishes to remain relevant and competitive – particularly in the fast changing technology environment in which we operate.


When the right people are hired and their skills are developed on an on-going basis, the company assures its staffing needs for future projects and goals and develops its employees’ skills to match the requirements of the company and the industry in which it operates. The company’s ability to adapt and innovate is a clear reflection of the development preparation that its employees receive.


It was with these key issues in mind, coupled with the support, enthusiasm and passion of Dr Bill Venter, our founder and chairman, that the Altech Academy opened its doors to its first students in November 2007.


Since that time, the Altech Academy has shown phenomenal success with 594 employees graduating with qualifications ranging from certificate courses to Master’s degrees in the Management of Technology and Innovation. Two academy students are currently studying towards their doctoral degree.


Now, following the recent changes within the Altron Group, including Altron’s full ownership of Altech and the alignment of the Altech and Bytes businesses under the Altron TMT banner, it is time for the Altech Academy to enter a new chapter of  rowth in order to encompass these changes.


The Altech Academy is to be renamed the Bill Venter Academy, in honour of Dr Venter, and will now provide all Altron Group employees with an opportunity to further their studies under an expanded academy.


I am very excited about the future growth and development of the Academy under Dr Venter’s patronage and as a member of the board of the Bill Venter Academy I fully support the direction that the Academy is taking and give my commitment to ensuring that the legacy of the Altech Academy continues into the future.


The Altech Academy’s goal was to create an internal culture of lifelong learning and development in order for us to retain market leadership and I am confident that with its re-launch as the Bill Venter Academy, we will see this vision extended to all employees across the Altron Group and reap the rewards and benefits in the process. We must never forget that people are our prime asset and through upskilling and empowerment there is a direct and almost immediate skills development benefit.


Craig Venter
Group Executive: Altron TMT / Chief Executive Officer: Altech