Message from Robbie Venter

The ongoing education and training of our people remains one of the key focus areas at Altron and plays an integral part in securing our business strategic success and ongoing sustainability.


I was, therefore, pleased that, following the successful integration of all Altron businesses at the end of 2013, the synergies and opportunities for those wishing to study further and maximise their skills, would now be available at a world class institute under one roof at our offices in Midrand.


I was even more delighted that the decision was made to name the institute (formerly the Altech Academy) after our founder and chairman, Dr Bill Venter, a firm believer in the power of education for the past 49 years. 


Management is acutely aware that the versatility and breadth of talent of our people remains of utmost importance, both to them as well as to our group, in order to secure our ongoing innovation and leadership in the highly competitive industries which we serve.


The newly transformed Bill Venter Academy is aimed at creating a top class learning and sharing environment where our students will be empowered to acquire skills and freely express their entrepreneurial spirit whilst embracing Altron’s unique culture.


Through the Bill Venter Academy, it is our key mission to provide our people with an enabling environment to learn and develop competencies key to Altron’s future success, for it is largely through our people that we will continue to grow and prosper in the years ahead.


Robbie Venter
Chief Executive