The foundation and sustainability of every great institute is grounded in the strength, skill and success of its people.


The Bill Venter Academy seeks to nurture and grow the wealth of talent that exists within the Altron group, turning the vast potential of the company’s most remarkable people into tomorrow’s leaders, pioneers and innovators.


This world-class educational institute combines cutting-edge expertise with an interactive, holistic approach that fosters a culture of mutual enrichment, skills development and personal growth, embodying Altron’s brand position:

United we grow.




Founded in 1965 by businessman, entrepreneur and industrialist Dr Bill Venter, Altron was built on the belief that the power of science and technology could considerably enrich people’s lives.


Through ongoing innovation, hard work and a passion for knowledge, he championed the need to continuously pioneer technical breakthroughs in the modern world and cultivate an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that would live on for generations.


It is in this spirit of entrepreneurship that the Bill Venter Academy finds its inspiration. Created as a centre for individuals and teams to expand their skills, test their abilities and discover new opportunities, the Academy provides the ideal platform for ongoing excellence.




The Bill Venter Academy is dedicated to prove future generations of Altron employees with a greater knowledge of customer service,  management and leadership, technology and innovation, while also working together to create convergent solutions for the company as a whole as well as its clients and partners.


This philosophy of collaboration and mutually beneficial outcomes is furthered by the firm values that form the foundation of the learning process.


We value out-of-the-box thinking

By giving our people the means to equip themselves with knowledge, we encourage them to seek out new avenues for dealing with greater complexities and challenges in the work place.


We promote self-actualisation

Our people are given the tools to take ownership of and accountability for their future and achieve the career goals that they have set for themselves.


We encourage generosity

Collaboration and a willingness to share knowledge are essential to the development process and the creation of a mutually beneficial learning environment.


“The Bill Venter Academy is a great tool to obtain knowledge that actually furthers your career.”

– former Bill Venter Academy student