With the emergence of rapid technology enhancements, expanding globalisation and increased competition, organisational learning and development has evolved to incorporate a matching strategic transformation.


It is against this backdrop that the 2014 Curriculum has been developed. The aim of the Bill Venter Academy is not merely to offer a list of different learning programmes which employees can attend. It also co-operates actively at a strategic level with stakeholders to offer learning interventions that will add value to the attainment of business goals.


The Academy curriculum has been developed to meet business demands, and was created in close collaboration with the Altron Group business leaders, relevant unit standards and universities.


The 2014 Curriculum focuses on the following four core strategic areas:


Management and Leadership Development
The Management and Leadership Development Programmes are designed for a spectrum of participants at various levels of seniority, namely Junior, Middle, Senior and Top Management. These programmes are delivered by formal, accredited and reputable external educational institutions such as the University of Stellenbosch Business School, The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management and WITS University.


Sales Enablement
This area focuses on driving sustainable sales performance, strategic thinking and collaboration in creating and managing opportunities. It also discusses relationship building and sales management best practices. These programmes are designed for a spectrum of participants and are delivered by formal and reputable external institutions such as the Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management and various best practise sales methodology and sales process partners.


Customer Service
Customer Service embraces transformational customer experiences. It prepares participants to develop and implement approaches that will increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and value-added offerings. This programme is designed for a spectrum of participants and is delivered by formal, accredited and reputable external educational institutions such as the University of Stellenbosch Business School and the University of Pretoria.


Specialised and Scarce Skills
This area represents specialised and scarce skills such as Project Management, Coaching, Systems Engineering, BCom (Business Management), ICT Management, Mobile Development, Business Intelligence, SharePoint Development and MCSE Cloud. This offering is designed for a spectrum of participants and is delivered by formal, accredited and reputable external educational institutions such as the University of Stellenbosch Business School, The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management and Bytes People Solutions.