Management and Leadership Development

The Management and Leadership Development Programmes are designed for a spectrum of participants at various levels of seniority, namely Junior, Middle, Senior and Top Management. These programmes are delivered by formal, accredited and reputable external educational institutions such as the University of Stellenbosch Business School, The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management and WITS University.

New Managers Development Programme (Offered through University of Stellenbosch Business School)The New Managers’ Development Programme (NMDP) is seen as a development opportunity. The aim of this programme is to enhance the skills and competencies of the... read more
Many young people today are entering the work place without the advantage of living and mixing in a modern First World city. Often these employees hold a technical position, which is insufficient when entering the leadership realm, as they... read more
Programme OverviewThe Management Advancement Programme (MAP) is designed to assist managers in developing a well-rounded approach to managing a department or a business unit.The modules covered in the programme are human resources, economics, operations... read more
IntroductionThe Management Development Programme (MDP) is a comprehensive programme that equips managers with the necessary competence to implement their organisations' strategic objectives. It develops a basic understanding of the different fields of... read more
PurposeThe SLD is a part-time course designed to assist managers whose experience and prime activities have been in a functional area. The objective is to give managers a broad exposure to the fundamental nature and process of management and human behaviour... read more
IntroductionThe Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) of USB Executive Development Ltd (USB-ED) is aimed specifically at equipping senior managers with the necessary knowledge as well as leadership and change management skills to function effectively... read more
The Executive Development Programme as a Development Opportunity.The Executive Development Programme (EDP) brings together high-calibre executive managers with strategic management responsibilities from a wide range of sectors to increase personal leadership... read more
Executive Development Programme (WITS Business School)The Executive Development Programme (EDP) is designed to lay a solid foundation for those executives who are assuming strategic and business leadership responsibilities, with a joint focus... read more
This programme is currently undergoing a redesign but USB could potentially look at an in-house option for Altron Conversations for Women in Leadership - Stepping into your own IdentityThe programme is aimed at women in leadership who are ready... read more
Development of Leadership and Team Skills - Leading Efectively in a Team EnvironmentBAchieving effective workplace performance is only possible if middle managers and supervisors are able to deal effectively and promptly with leadership and team issues.... read more