Diploma Programme in Management of Technology and Innovation (Da Vinci Institute)


The Da Vinci Institute of Technology Management provides a one-year diploma programme in the Management of Technology and Innovation.The focus is on a business management approach.The full diploma programme provides for 240 credits at exit Level 6.The purpose of this qualification is to recognise those who have the required competence to serve in transformation management positions in organisations (public and private, including self owned businesses) and the community at large, by enabling them to obtain a nationally registered and recognised qualification.

A further purpose of this qualification is to produce life-long learners who are equipped to debate and address socio-economic transformation challenges within South Africa. This purpose seeks to transform individuals, organisations and the community at large, dealing with management development challenges such as the management of technology, entrepreneurship, project management, the management of innovation, the management of people and systems thinking from a management development perspective.

At the Diploma Programme Level, people who achieve this qualification will be able to:

  • Describe and analyse management development theories within a systems thinking framework
  • Apply knowledge regarding the effective management of technology, the management of innovation and the management of people processes within a working environment
  • Align and communicate ideas, concepts, and practical applications of theories
  • Compare and align technology, innovation, people and systems thinking concepts to transform individuals, organisations and/or communities.



This Learning Programme will assist in:

  • Integrating industry management specifics within a recognised diploma programme
  • Providing a general business platform for the development of students giving breadth in business with the requisite level of applied industry management depth
  • Meeting the Technology, Innovation, People and Systems requirements of the diploma qualification.



R 76 800.00 per person (exclusive of VAT)



The programme is held over a period of 2 years (22 days spread over 24 months) and it include the handing-in of a project/mini dissertation.



The Bill Venter Academy in Midrand.