Future Leaders Development Programme (WITS Business School)

Many young people today are entering the work place without the advantage of living and mixing in a modern First World city. Often these employees hold a technical position, which is insufficient when entering the leadership realm, as they are unsure of their ability to integrate and make their mark. WBS has been putting together programmes for new managers for many years and our experience permits us to offer the Future Leaders Development programme to help these first time managers integrate into the workplace in a seamless and speedy manner.


Target Audience

Junior managers in a management position for the first time; or individuals who need to consolidate their knowledge and skills, and build confidence as managers in preparation for future leadership roles.


Programme Duration and Structure

The programme is run on a modular basis comprising one week per month spread over a period of approximately five months.


Programme Level

This programme is presented at the equivalent of NQF level 6 with 65 SAQA credits.


Programme Modules


Leadership is a large topic spanning several academic disciplines, with a large dependency on context. We provide critical insights into the theory of leadership by examining a variety of situations and delving into leadership mind-sets.
Emotional Intelligence
This module surveys the five categories of emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ), using role-plays. We discuss the definition of EQ and what this means to us as individuals. The Bar-on EQi assessment is completed on line before the module starts and feedback is provided during the module.

Business Acumen

This module expands upon the Osterwalder model, introduced during the personal and team effectiveness workshop. We explore this model in depth, explaining divisional links, systems integration and the value chain.

Personal Quest

Participants set a personal quest to work on for the duration of the programme. This process is an introduction to the power of intention and the process of reflection on the personal leadership journey.


Effective communication is imperative in a leader’s business life. We use a variety of one-on-one and group business contexts. The competencies developed include effective listening, reading, writing and oral presentation skills.

Finance including Numeracy

This module provides an opportunity for the development of financial literacy for the purposes of business decision-making and control. Participants learn to use the fundamental mathematical concepts and processes required as generalist users of accounting information, ensuring effective planning and budgeting, and efficient use of common business statistics.

People Management

This module includes motivation and employee engagement, time management, running meetings, performance management (including discipline), crucial conversations and handling conflict.

Principles of Creative Problem-solving and Project Management

Working in groups, participants analyse and propose solutions to current problems identified in the organisation. This takes the form of an action-learning project and each group enjoys the support of a facilitator for the duration of the programme. It culminates in a presentation to management.

Principles of Service Delivery

Within the framework of a service-oriented organisation, each participant deepens his or her understanding of a personal charter and its link with the company’s strategy. A personal work ethic is built.

Team Business Simulation

Our one-day simulation follows the process of running a business with participants working in groups. It builds on all the concepts covered during the programme and thus helps to integrate the concepts into the workplace.



06 May 2019 (detailed time-table available upon request)



R 41 500.00 


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