Senior Leaders Programme (WITS Business School)


The SLD is a part-time course designed to assist managers whose experience and prime activities have been in a functional area. The objective is to give managers a broad exposure to the fundamental nature and process of management and human behaviour within organisations.


Specific Objectives:

  1. To broaden the perspective of participants whose previous experience has been mainly in a specialist area.
  2. To provide managers with knowledge, skills and techniques that will lead to more professional management.
  3. To develop the ability to make sound and informed decisions.
  4. To increase effectiveness in working with people with different cultures and values.
  5. To increase awareness of the economic, political and social factors which affect business management in South Africa.


Course Overview:

Core Modules:

    1. Personal and Team Effectiveness Workshop
    2. Issues in Leadership
    3. Action Learning Project
    4. Principles of Strategic Management

    Elective Modules (up to 4 additional modules can be selected):

    1. Principles of Finance and Accounting
    2. Principles of Human Resource Management
    3. Principles of Marketing
    4. Principles of Economics
    5. Principles of Operations Management
    6. Environment of Business
    7. Negotiation Skills
    8. The Legal Environment of Business
    9. Strategic Finance
    10. Strategic Marketing
    11. Diversity Transformation and Change
    12. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
    13. Principles of Service Management
    14. Effective Coaching Skills
    15. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    16. Business Simulation
    17. Information and Communication Technology
    18. Principles of Project Management

    Participants will be selected on the basis of their management track record and their commitment to career development. Previous tertiary level academic qualifications are preferable. Individuals who do not meet this minimum academic level must have the required experience at the appropriate level and will be considered on the basis of individual merit.

    In addition to classroom work and syndicate meetings, attendance at all classes and syndicate sessions are essential to ensure full participation and contribution to the group learning process.


    Programme Dates

    Short Course




    Start Date

    End Date

    Senior Leaders Development (Part Time)

    SLD 10


    R   62,590.00



    Detailed time-table available upon request



    R 62 590.00 includes tuition, instruction material and refreshments.



    Wits Business School in Johannesburg.